The Baletidy Story

In an ideal world we have all dreamed of luxury stable blocks complete with attached tack rooms and large barns for storage. 

In reality, what most of us have are make do stables and if lucky enough an old garden shed for tack and feed!! Your precious haylage is left outside where it is dropped to be blown about and rot in the bad weather. 

As the majority of us fit into the later including ourselves we decided to look into the possibility of finding a way to help prevent this from happening.  We searched for weeks, made numerous telephone calls but could not find the solution so we decided to produce something ourselves and the Baletidy was born! 

Our Baletidy not only protects your haylage but saves you time, effort and most of all MONEY!  Your haylage will last longer, you will not have to keep sweeping it up and the money you save can be put towards your new stables!!!

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